We have the know how and experience

To take away your worry and deliver your home run

It Starts with Three Simple Questions

  1. What is the Value proposition? What are the expected outcomes, and why are they important?
  2. Who will be using it?
  3. Once we are live, what’s next?

All people (7 billion and growing) are impacted by “connected intelligence.” Too often firms lose sight of this, we, Autient, do not. If people do not value or desire to lose something, soon it will no longer be a part of their lives.

Next, for all this to work, one must understand society the implications of unintended consequences.. We Do.

Lastly.. Home Runs are a reflection of THE BRAND. Through connected intelligence we transformed the world by enabling people to do more and enjoy life more. 

Project: Advanced interior accent lightning control

Start to finish, four weeks

Speed matters as the world never stops, nor does the competition. In four weeks, the total project was completed, from verbal discussion , the SOW (Scope of Work), to completion.

100% on budget, on time. a remarkable time, a home run by any definition.

SOW (scope of work)

Deliverables: RGB of advanced control of interior accent lighting with user interface. during the production of 2014 Murano related vehicles.

Next practices

  • Complete software development , coding, validation.
  • Selection Cost Effective Micro-controller, Hardware Design.

Project: Lin lighting module. Zero experience an idea becomes reality

Other than a local interconnected network and good visuals, the project was lacking detailed clarity as the customer had very little experience or clarity as to what they really wanted.

Sow (scope of work)

Deliverables: Interior lightning control, next generation 2017 Lincoln Navigator.

Next practices

  • 100% software development, coding, validation.
  • Lighting control from BCM.
  • Integral Partner in hardware design.
  • New LIN Stack

Project: Advance Corona Ignition System. high speed, high power.

The Corona advanced ignition system required control of the spark plug to turn on and off.  This came with major technical challenges, with really no idea as to how to accomplish the desired outcome.

Sow (scope of work)

Advanced corona ignition system, total electronic/software control. single cylinder operational prototype. 

Next practices

  • Designed coded validated real time, high power, control software.
  • Developed coded validated XCP based calibration software.
  • Integral partner relative to product Architecture, software to hardware interface, micro-controller selection.

Project: Boreas: Staying power.

Some projects are hyper fast, some involve many partners, some have technical challenges, some need next world products. Boreas, with refrigerated cooling vehicles, required all of those. No matter the challenge, Autient delivers a Home Run.

Sow (scope of work)

Deliverables: Nitrogen based cooling system for refrigerated trucks and trailers.  

Each refrigerated unit must:

  1. Upon closure/seal and flow in nitrogen and displace oxygen.
  2. Monitor.
  3. Upon opening, displace nitrogen and flow in oxygen. Otherwise, the outcomes could result in death to the operator.

This is complex, with many devices, moving parts, and pieces. Connected Intelligent determines not only efficiency but also life or death.

Next Practices

  • Software, hardware Architecture software, development, coding, validation, 100%.
  • CAN, Multi Module design, UDS diagnostics, reflashing.
  • Safety per iSO 26262, ASIL b&D.
  • Module based control with simulink / state flow.
  • Idea concept, prototype preproduction, production validation, all aspects.

Project: Integrated Pneumatic ECU

Software to hardware fully embedded, connected through intelligence.

Sow (scope of work)

Deliverables: an automotive aftermarket suspension control module. Pneumatic, mechanical , electrical, electronic software, and mobile apps all connected and networked through intelligence.

Next practices

  • Full software electronic, mobile app design code, production validation.
  • Software, to hardware interface, 100% responsibility.
  • ISO 26262, ISO 16750, dV/PV validation, aPQP, ASIL-B
  • Bluetooth Antenna Creation.
  • Boot loader design with over the air update of both MCUS.
  • Simulink Based Controls Generation.