services overview

Product Development

Autient can help accelerate your electronic product development. We can take on portions of your product development to supplement your existing resources. We can apply our expertise in software development, circuit design, PCB design, and mechanical design to give you quality results on time and within budget.

Software Development

Autient can work with your development team to develop software in C/C++, .NET, Java or other languages. We have extensive experience developing real-time embedded system software and Windows software. We have a real strength in software design and we always deliver very clean, well-documented, high-quality code.

For embedded systems development, we have experience with the following microcontroller families: Freescale Qorivva Power Architecture (MPC5xx and 5xxx), Freescale S12 and S12X, NXP ARM Cortex-M0, and NXP/ST ARM Cortex-M3.

For Windows development, we have experience developing in C#/.NET and Visual C++ (MFC).

Circuit Design

Autient can work with you to develop digital, analog, power supply, or other circuits for your products. We can design PCBs and even build your prototypes.

Mechanical Design

Autient can design electronic product enclosures in plastic, metal, or other materials. We can provide both 2-D and 3-D designs.