Today’s world gets smaller each day through smart devices, IOT, and Connected Intelligence.

For many, help in the invisible world is all they need. For some, software, mobile app, and circuit design is not enough.

To accomplish complex desired outputs,  electronics, software, software, sensors etc. are needed.

Autient has that capability and so much more. From the idea, to the design, to the build,  Autient executes all under one roof. This is the Autient way, which is ultimately easier for you.

What we do

Smart Device Development

Autient can help accelerate your electronic product development. We take on portions of your product development to supplement your existing resources. We apply our expertise in software development, circuit design, PCB design, and mechanical design to deliver what you expect (and so much more!). your connected world starts with Autient.

Our thinking delivers by transforming the world through connected intelligence from smart devices to software to mobile apps.


 Software Development

Autient works in the invisible world to ensure the desired outcome. Software coding is well documented, reliable, and secure, the Autient way. Languages in C/c++, .Net, java, etc. All real time, embedded, and intuitive oriented. Embedded systems include the following micro-controller families: Freescale Qorivva Power Architecture (MPC5xx and 5xxx), Freescale S12 and S12X, NXP ARM Cortex-M0, and NXP/ST ARM Cortex-M3. Our expertise also includes windows c#/.net, visiual c==(mFC), which is hard to find, until Autient comes along.

Mobile app design

Mobile apps have quickly become a critical part as to how the world operates today. The design and integration to ensure the desired outcomes is a skillset we are known for. We cover all products from Android to iPhone, and from phones to tablets. While “mobile apps” are still relatively new, Autient is well versed in this area.


From circuits to circuit boards, digital to analog, from prototype to production, Autient delivers. The integration of mechanics within the product design is well within our capability.

Autient can work with you to develop digital, analog, power supply, or other circuits for your products. We can design PCBs and even build your prototypes.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. While around since 1994, Bluetooth 5.0 is very new to the world of IOT. With 4x the range, 2x the speed, 8x the broadcast capability, Bluetooth 5.0 is an industry changer.

Autient is already a leader in Bluetooth 5.0 product design.



We have 20+ years of experience and building circuit boards is what we do best. We are able to provide any mixed technology with surface mount (SMT) and through hole (TH).

We can quote turn-key, partial turn-key, labor only & consignment.

We are set up for production jobs; however, we understand for a new product’s success, testing and validation through prototyping is needed.  We are capable of any job from production to prototypes.


As a complement to building circuit boards, we are able to utilize our facility to support the circuit boards in building box builds and complete fulfillment.


To ensure the highest reliability and quality, testing is a must with us at Autient. We are able to provide this testing in-house along with any environmental testing as well.


Medical – ISO 13485

Aerospace – AS9100 Compliant

Automotive ISO/TS 16949